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Awesome Water®

AWESOME WATER® FILTER - Ceramic Or Plastic Dome Filter

AWESOME WATER® FILTER - Ceramic Or Plastic Dome Filter

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Awesome Water® - Ceramic Dome Filter - New Model 2021!!!

  • The pore size of this filter is small enough to remove virtually all bacteria and protozoa by size exclusion, which is in the range known as micro-filtration.
  • It can also be used in conjunction with some of our other water purifier solutions and as part of the primary stage prior to passing through other filters.
  • The ceramic dome filter replaces the standard plastic dome in the top part of your blue bottle set.
  • Removes virtually all bacteria and protozoa.
  • Removes Sediment.
  • High-quality filtration using special ceramic material.
  • This also fits the Benchtop Purifier.
  • Recommended to replace filter every 12 months.
  • Also Available in Standard Plastic.




  • For a superior filtration to remove even more contaminants have a look at our AWESOME WATER® FILTER - Ceramic Fluoride Dome Filter.


**Please be aware that Ceramic Dome Filter slows the water flow rate down considerably, for needs of a fast flow rate use the plastic dome.**


To Make Tap Water Awesome” choose Awesome Water filters !!!


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