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We make Tap Water Awesome! Awesome Water has a wide range of multi layered water filters, water coolers to suit your business and home. Our products provide you with great tasting filtered water all day long. The multi layered filters, filters toxins and chemicals out of your tap water and replaces with nutrients and minerals your body needs. This reduces the impact of large unsightly plastic bottles. Great for your Health, the Environment and your Pocket!!. BEST PRICE GUARANTEED!

All About Awesome Water

Awesome Water® is a family owned and operated Australian company. At Awesome Water, our aim is to contribute towards the health of all Australians by providing pure, filtered awesome water. Tap water becomes ‘awesome’ by passing through several stages of filtration and remineralisation. It is important to filter water of toxic heavy metals and contaminants to prevent any serious effects on health. Our body needs some trace minerals to function, these are added back in the filtration process itself so that the result is simply ‘awesome water. With the right quantity and balance of added minerals, with all other toxins removed, awesome water serves as a source of daily water goodness for your body.

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