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Awesome Water®

Awesome Water® - Soda Tap - 5 In 1 System

Awesome Water® - Soda Tap - 5 In 1 System

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The 5 in 1 Tap system – Designed to replace your existing kitchen tap and dispense twin filtered sparkling, chilled and ambient water through a stylish, LED lit rotary dial as well as regular hot & ambient tap water through a traditional mixer.

Soda Tap 5 in 1 is available in 6 different colour & shape combinations and replaces your existing kitchen tap to dispense :

– Filtered Ambient Water.
– Filtered Chilled Water.
– Filtered Sparkling Chilled Water.
– Regular unfiltered mains Hot Water.
– Regular unfiltered mains Cold Water.


The Sodatap 5 in 1 is designed to fit in a standard 32 – 35mm hole meaning no bench drilling is required. The 5 in 1 has a central tube that dispenses filtered varieties of water, meaning tap water and filtered water are never mixed. The 5 in 1 has subtle LED lights and a rotator knob with integral PCB that intelligently tells the STM1 under-bench unit which variety of water to dispense.

All systems come standard with chosen dispenser tap, STM1 under-bench module, Nanoscreen+™Nanoscreen + logo twin filter system, all necessary hoses, fixtures and fittings for standard installation, but exclude Co2 bottle (options can be added above).


Advanced Filtration
Our Trademarked Nanoscreen+™ Twin stage filter system incorporates state-of-the-art filtration technology, ensuring clean and pure water, so you and your family can rest assured you’re not consuming any nasties.

We’ve also taken the hassle out of filter changes by making the process super simple, we’ll even send you reminders when replacement is due.


- Reduces chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals by up to 90%.
- Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria such as e-coli and staphylococcus.
- Contains activated, non-toxic nano silver impregnation technology which prevents bacteria from re-growing.
- Are sustainably manufactured using coconut shells.


Professional Installation can also be added, to add please see Awesome Water® - Soda Tap - Professional Installation


All Sodatap systems carry a money back guarantee, change of mind guarantee and a full 3 year warranty

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