Awesome Water® Hobart

Awesome Water® Hobart brings a great range of Awesome Water® Products for the home, office and whole family. Awesome Water® Hobart is a great way to add filtered water to your daily water needs for cooking, drinking and personal care needs. Awesome Water® Hobart is a family owned and operated Australian company.

We service Hobart and the greater Tasmania but also supply/ship genuine Awesome Water® Products all around Australia.

Awesome Water® Hobart offers a fantastic range of products that give your whole family the wonderful gift of pure and healthy water. Our products range from water filters, water coolers and dispensers to shower filters, fridges and related accessories.  Explore our products today.



Our advance and popular Awesome Water® -  Elite Premium Filter, has a unique filtration process that is designed to purify your drinking water naturally. Through the multi-stage process, the filter removes impurities in the water to a very high degree. The filter also adds important trace minerals required by our bodies. 

Awesome Water® supplies/ships to most areas of Australia including suburbs of Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Cairns, etc.
Below is a map of areas Awesome Water® Hobart ships and services: (If your suburb is not shown, give us a call and we may still be able to help).