About US - Awesome Water

About Us - We Make Tap Water Awesome
Awesome water offers a fantastic range of products that give your whole family the wonderful gift of pure and healthful water. Our products range from water filters, water coolers and dispensers to shower filters, fridges and related accessories. We are all about providing great tasting pure filtered water.
We provide genuine 8 stage water filter that purifies your water by removing rust, sediment, particles and nasty heavy metals like lead, mercury, chlorine, iron and hydrogen sulphide, alongside inhibiting the growth of algae and fungi. 
Our effective, awesome water filters are one of a kind that offers an 8 stage filter with KDF activation that makes your water alkaline, bringing it to its best pure and healthy state. When more than 70% of our body is water, we need to provide it with the best quality water that nourishes our body bringing it to its most healthy state. Hydration at its best.
We guarantee genuine awesome water filter products and accessories supporting it with great quality customer service and support. We are so sure that our products are of excellent quality and that you will be happy and satisfied with the purchase, we give a no questions asked refund guarantee. Order your awesome water filter with us now!
With our vast range of options from benchtops to freestanding water filters, purifiers and dispensers, you will quickly find the product that's just what you need. We are a family owned business delivering excellent quality products and customer service.


Awesome Water is proud that our license with our sister company ensures authenticity of our company and business name for our customers. 

We also offer our customers an easy pay system as we are an authorised After pay dealer.