Top 7 Reasons Why Awesome Water is Awesome!

Top 7 Reasons Why Awesome Water is Awesome!

Why Awesome Water is Awesome


Here at Awesome Water, we have wonderful staff and clients. But that’s not the only reason we are awesome! Below is a list of reasons why Awesome Water is truly awesome!


  • Our Awesome Water filters use scientifically proven methods of water filtration such as KDF activated charcoal mineral water filtration, ceramic plates, and bio ceramic infrared balls for pH balance.
  • Awesome Water products are gravity fed dispensers and filter water in multiple stages to give you safe, pure and nourishing Awesome Water
  • Any kind of elements which should not naturally be present in your water are filtered out in the first few stages. This includes the removal of any rubbish, rust and other organic sediment particles. This stage also inhibits the propagation of bacteria
  • Following this, Chlorine and trihalomethanes are removed along with pesticides and other organic matters. The heavy metals, like lead, nickel, iron, mercury and arsenic, a higher concentration of which can be potentially threatening, are all filtered out to stop them entering your body. It is important to keep water free of any pathogenics, i.e. harmful microbes
  • In the next stage, Awesome Water filters purify the water of any harmful bacteria. It also removes harmful parasites like giardia. This is a very crucial stage to prevent any water borne diseases which is specifically important for the little ones with higher susceptibility
  • Any odour is neutralised
  • It is essential to remove all harmful substances from water but it is also very crucial to not deplete it of any elements that are necessary and useful to the body. Awesome Water filters not only filter out the unwanted, but also replenish the water with essential trace minerals and balances pH of water with the bio ceramic infrared balls. These are trace minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and iodine, which are all required for body functioning. This is the remineralisation process where important trace minerals are added to filtered water to improve mineral value. These minerals balance the pH of water to slightly alkaline which is favourable for the pH balance of the body


With this Awesome Water filtration process, you continually get tasty and pure awesome drinking water!


That's... AWESOME!

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