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Awesome water Australia

AWESOME WATER - Shower Filter

AWESOME WATER - Shower Filter

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Efficient Shower Filter NSF CND CE Carbon

REMOVES CHLORINE 98% For Skin Allergies

Description: Unique CND process media remove over 99% of residual chlorine

• Super long service life and efficacy lasting comparing with another brand

• Keep the large water flow while maintain excellent removal performance

• Take care of baby bath

• Soften you Skin

• Reduce the disease infection

• Protect your Hair

• SGS CE NSF/ANSI 177 Standard

• Replacement Indication

• Service Life: 6-12 months or 40,000 – 45000 Litre water usage

 AWESOME WATER - Shower Filter

Awesome Water Filter

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AWESOME WATER - Shower Filter 

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