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AWESOME WATER® FILTER - Ceramic Fluoride Dome Filter

AWESOME WATER® FILTER - Ceramic Fluoride Dome Filter

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Awesome Water® - Ceramic Fluoride Dome Filter!

  • The Activated Carbon Filter (7 Stage & 8 Stage Filter) does not remove fluoride from your water. We do however have an optional filter (Ceramic Fluoride Dome Filter) that can be used in conjunction with the Activated Carbon Filter, that will remove Fluoride from the water.
  • The Ceramic Fluoride Dome Filter replaces the standard plastic dome in the top part of your Water Cooler Blue Filter Bottle Set.
  • Through the Premium filtration process, the filter removes impurities in the water to a very high degree such as: Fluoride, Chloramines, Heavy metals, Chemicals & Pesticides, Pathogenic Bacteria, Cryptosporidium and Sediment.
  • Recommended to replace filter every 12 months.
  • Also fits benchtop purifier.
  • 5" x 2.75" Filter Size (127mm x 70mm)

**Please be aware that Ceramic Fluoride Dome Filter slows the water flow rate down considerably.**

**This is a universal filter and fits multiple units and the thread length may need trimming depending on the unit it is installed into.**

**Not compatable with Lunar Filter Bottle Set.**

**It is recommended to brush the filter under running water with a tooth brush or similar prior to installing for a faster flow rate.**


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