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Awesome Water

AWESOME WATER - New Aussie Mop

AWESOME WATER - New Aussie Mop

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Awesome water new Aussie Mop

Introducing a new spin in-floor cleaning technology!

The easiest mop you will ever use

Spins away water for the driest finish on your floors have ever seen. One tries and you will be astounded at its ability to clean & dry your floor. Nothing beats this Mop for practicality and ease of use. Very functional, minimal moving parts available 



Automatic 360-degree spin mop, no battery, no electricity, no peddle required
Mop cleans easily around and under furniture, in the bathroom, along baseboards and other hard-to-reach places
Upgraded high quality and durable stainless steel basket
Keeps your hands out of dirty water
Built-in water outlet at the bottom, easy to drain water
Super absorbent microfiber intersecting strands on mop head can be used wet or dry
Rod is made with long-lasting stainless steel and cover is made with durable plastic
Easy to use
Easy to assemble
2 microfibre mop heads included
Mop: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel + Microfiber fabric
Bucket: Stainless Steel
Mop Pole Dimension (L): 140.5cm approx
Mop Head Dimension (D): 36cm includes a microfiber
Bucket Dimension (L x W x H): 46cm x 26.5cm x 22cm approx
Bucket Capacity: 9.2 Litres
Colour: Purple
1 x Bucket
1 x 3  Mop Poles
2 x Microfibre Mop Hea

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