Awesome Water® has a variety of water dispensers and coolers to fit any office needs! With Australia’s best water, we can cater to both small and large offices. We offer a range of different ways to filter your tap water. Would you like a stylish free standing water cooler, or perhaps a sophisticated bench top dispenser? Available in hot, cold, and ambient temperatures, we have an awesome and diverse assortment of coolers to make your office trendy or refined!


If you don’t want to keep refilling your water dispenser, try one of our POU (point of use) systems which plumb directly into your water source and provide fresh, filtered water straight from your tap! We have a brand new range of covert-friendly awesome tap ware including:


  • Touch-free automatic sensor taps (simply put your cup under the tap for fresh water)
  • Hot, cold, and ambient taps
  • Push-to-pour taps (push your cup against the tap for touch-free and hygienic water)


Click here to view our full range of tap ware!


Like a cup of coffee whilst you’re working? Choose our hot taps for your office beverages! Prefer an iced cold drink on those hot days? Our cold taps ensure fresh and chilled water right at your fingertips! Ambient (room-temperature) water is also an option for everyday drinking!


Our water filtration systems are economical and environmentally friendly. Plastic water bottles are filling up our landfills and can take up to 1000 years to break down! With Awesome Water®, our refillable systems are the best and most eco-friendly option in Australia!


We also have a Cooler Lovers Spray and Rinse Sanitiser (click here for more information) which sanitise the interior and exterior of your water coolers so that there is no waste of plastic materials!


Whichever option you would like, Awesome Water® can cater to your office needs!


You can eliminate the need to pay for large bottle deliveries. You can select from an attractive range. You also have options for whole of premises, under or above sink, manual or auto fill... plus much more!


If you are currently paying for water to be delivered, chances are... you're paying too much. Not to mention taking up valuable space with empty bottles. Plus staff usually don't enjoy lifting those heavy replacement bottles!


Full Service & Advice

It doesn't matter if you are a small business, workshop or large business with many locations or branches. We offer you a 'full service' solution. Ordering from Awesome Water® Coolers means you don't have to worry about anything. As an added bonus, in many areas we can deliver, install and regularly maintain each system for you!


Talk to us today to find out how we can service your needs and save you money. Special deals are available for businesses with multiple location requirements.





Save Money & Valuable Space

Space at any office or workplace is expensive. Why take up your valuable space with refill or empty large water bottles? With our cooled water filters you simply lift the lid and pour in more tap water. Alternatively, you can have a filtration system connected directly to the usual water supply - thus eliminating manually filling. No storage of large bottles is required! It is then filtered to give you unlimited clean, healthy, great tasting water.


Environmentally Better

Another thing you will help save is our environment. The emissions associated with manufacturing, filling, delivering and picking-up used bottles is quite substantial. You no longer need to worry about any of this.


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No Lifting Heavy Bottles

Having large refill or empty bottles around your workplace can be a safety risk. Tripping over bottles on the ground isn't uncommon. For many staff, lifting the large refill bottles and placing them into the water cooler is difficult and potentially a WH&S issue. This issue is eliminated with our filtered water cooler systems.


Eliminate Bottled Water Deliveries

If you currently pay for regular deliveries the Aussie Water Cooler solution 100% eliminates the need to do. Say goodbye to expensive refill deliveries or running out of water waiting for the next delivery. You also have confidence knowing the water you are drinking is healthy, clean and great tasting!

We offer an entire range of affordable options for your home. Great tasting water can easily save you money.