Awesome Water® has a variety of water dispensers and coolers to fit any home needs! With Australia’s best water, we offer a range of different ways to filter your tap water. Would you like a stylish free standing water cooler, or perhaps a sophisticated bench top dispenser? Available in hot, cold, and ambient temperatures, we have an awesome and diverse assortment of coolers to make your home trendy or refined!


If you don’t want to keep refilling your water dispenser, try one of our POU (point of use) systems which plumb directly into your water source and provide fresh, filtered water straight from your tap! We have a brand new range of covert-friendly awesome tap ware including:


  • Touch-free automatic sensor taps (simply put your cup under the tap for fresh water)
  • Hot, cold, and ambient taps
  • Push-to-pour taps (push your cup against the tap for touch-free and hygienic water)


Click here to view our full range of tap ware!


Enjoy that morning coffee to start your day? Choose our hot taps for your steamy beverages! Prefer an iced cold drink on those hot days? Our cold taps ensure fresh and chilled water right at your fingertips! Ambient (room-temperature) water is also an option for everyday drinking!


Our water filtration systems are economical and environmentally friendly. Plastic water bottles are filling up our landfills and can take up to 1000 years to break down! With Awesome Water®, our refillable systems are the best and most eco-friendly option in Australia!


We also have a Cooler Lovers® Spray and Rinse Sanitiser (click here for more information) which sanitise the interior and exterior of your water coolers so that there is no waste of plastic materials!


Whichever option you would like, Awesome Water® can cater to your office needs!



We specialise in "Making Tap Water Awesome" with our amazing range of water filters and coolers at a very affordable price. Our flexible and affordable options certainly makes this a reality for a chemical free and pure filtered water for your home.


Easy & Convenient Filtered Water

With bottled water, you have to deal with the inconvenience of having to bring it home from the store. Plus... unlike purchased bottled water - you will truly know how clean and pure your very own filtered water is. Many of our filtered water solutions includes an in-built cool, hot and ambient temperature control for your convenience. Simply tell us your needs and we will find the best system for you.


It's also great to know that making unlimited filtered water couldn't be easier. In no time at all you will have filtered, clean, healthy, great tasting water. Remember, there is a range of manual, auto-fill, above or below sink and whole of house solutions to choose from.


Being readily available also makes it practical to use when cooking. Using filtered water in certain electrical appliances such as an iron, kettle or your coffee maker also reduces the build-up of lime scale.


Saving You Money With Low Cost Water

The large volume of great filtered water you can produce easily and conveniently makes quality filtered water low cost.


Having instant access to cooled, filtered water often reduces the volume of costly sugary drinks, juices and other drinks people in your household will consume. No need to purchase bottled water either!


A Healthier Family

The water that comes from your kitchen sink contains impurities. Things like microscopic organisms, chemicals used in water treatment by your water mains supplier, and other 'nasties' picked up by simply passing through your household plumbing. All of these can affect one's health. Our filtered water systems remove these nasties ensuring your water is clean and healthy.


If your water is great tasting, chilled and instantly available it makes sense that your family will drink more water and less alternative drinks. Drinking less sugary alternative drinks and more clean, healthy water is a much healthier alternative.


Great Tasting Water

The contaminants in tap water often give it a bad taste or smell. The best way to prove this to yourself is to taste and smell your normal tap water whilst comparing it to a sample of clean filtered water.


When these contaminants are filtered out, you're left with clean, healthy water that tastes great. If it tastes great then members of your household will drink more water... simple!


Environmentally Friendly Water

Producing bottled water can harm the environment in more ways than one. The emissions associated with manufacturing, filling and distributing bottled water to your door throughout the month is quite substantial. This process also takes many times the amount of water to produce the bottle as it does to fill it. Also, the majority of plastic water bottles end up in landfills.