Why Watermark is important for water filters...

Why Watermark is important for water filters...

Why Watermark is important for water filters
When you looking to purchase a domestic water filtration for your house or business it is important that the system you select carries the Watermark approval.

For water filters to be legally installed in accordance with your plumbing regulations getting the watermark certification is mandatory. The watermark logo, the relevant product standard and the license number are required to be marked on the product itself. If a water filtration system is to fail causing water damage to the home and the system was not watermarked it’s a risk that the insurance company could refuse the claim.

Watermark is a plumbing product quality certification mark provided by independent certifying authorities. This mark confirms that the product complies with the Plumbing Code and the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards, which relates to product quality, including health and safety and warrant that they are fit for purpose.

Watermark certification of a product indicates that it has been tested and has passed a number of strict requirements regarding its suitability for supplying water for households without leaching anything harmful into the water for human consumption. These tests are comprehensive and include testing on maximum pressure ratings, taste, smell, toxins and corrosive effects on plumbing connections and pipework.

Watermark gives you the assurance and peace of mind that the product you have purchased meets the expected and required quality standards in order to provide your family with clean and safe drinking water. So when selecting a water filter system or even just a tap make sure you look out for the watermark logo and license number. Puretec has a wide range of Watermark approved systems.
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