Why to Drink More Awesome Water When Exercising

Why to Drink More Water When Exercising – Awesome Water


Without plenty of water, we dehydrate. Exercising can also cause dehydration, so the two go hand in hand. It is essential to drink water, and more so if you are exercising.


The initial signs of dehydration can include thirst, changes in heart rate, nausea, and dry mouth.


But how do we know how much water to drink to compensate for loss of fluids due to exercising? Here are a few tips from Awesome Water:


  • Two hours before exercising you should drink approximately 500-600mL
  • During the work out period you should continue with approximately 200-300mL for every 1-20 minutes of exercise
  • After exercising you should drink approximately 475-700mL for each 450g lost due to sweating


With these Awesome Water tips, you will stay healthy and hydrated! Happy exercising – and have an awesome day!