How To Maintain a Water Filter To Prolong Its Life?

How To Maintain a Water Filter To Prolong Its Life?

How To Maintain a Water Filter To Prolong Its Life?

Investing in a water filter is a great way to provide clean and healthy water to you and your family at home. It gives you safe drinking water all the time and helps you save money as bottled water costs more. To get all the benefits from a water filter you must properly maintain it. Without regular maintenance, the quality and purity of water could be affected.

Moreover, uncleaned filters could not purify water completely which can also result in a less pleasant taste in your drinking water. Regular maintenance of awesome water filters can prevent all these problems and will give you clean water to drink.

Top 3 Tips to Maintain Water Filter

We have come up with 3 tips for maintenance to ensure proper functionality and prolonged life of your water filter.

1. Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning the water filter frequently is important as it prevents dirt and impurity in the filter. You can clean it with warm water. Avoid any harsh or strong cleaning products as they can be absorbed in the water from the system. Cleaning the water filter once a week is recommended.

Cleaning the exterior part of the water filter is also important to make the system last longer. Sanitizing different parts of the system including the line, water dispenser, and cap assembly is a great option. Also, clean the tap that is attached to the water filter to avoid any dirt.

  1. Changing Filter Regularly

Changing filters is crucial to keep your water filter working efficiently and for a long time. If the filter is left for too long, it might get clogged. Filter cartridges’ capacity to remove impurities decreases over time which makes it important to replace them. Few signs of uncleared filters are a strange taste of water and a bad smell. These signs may appear before the recommended time of replacement of the filter.

You can note down the date of changing the filter cartridge and follow the details given for your particular cartridge type and system about when to change it again. The need of changing the filter may also be indicated on the control unit displayed on the filtration system.

  1. Specific Requirements

Some systems have specific requirements for maintenance. Before making any changes to the water filter, one must have proper information about its system.

We have covered the three most common water filtration systems and their specific requirements so that you can get basic information about each of them.

  • Reverse Osmosis: It uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out any impurities, unwanted molecules, and large particles including salt and chlorine. It consists of the sediment filter, two carbon filters, and the RO membrane. The filter should be replaced every 6-12 months for efficient performance.
  • Chlorine Removal Systems: It removes excess chlorine from the water making it free from unpleasant taste and smell. It consists of activated carbon. This system requires new carbon every 2-4 years.
  • UV Light Systems: Ultraviolet (UV) water filter system uses UV light to produce purified water. It eliminates harmful waterborne microorganisms. This system has 3 main parts: the lamp which should be replaced every year, The o’ring which needs to be replaced with the lamp, and the quartz sleeve that needs replacement every time it is coated in scale or cracks.

Final Verdict

Purchasing a water filter for your home is important as it provides clean water every time. However, maintenance of a water filter is an important part as it will allow it to last for many years and provide you clean water that is free from all contaminants.

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