Awesome water health warning

Awesome water health warning

Awesome water Australia was established in 2011 we are the leading brand in water filters. You no longer need to pay massive fees to buy new water bottles for your filter as the awesome water cartridge replaces the need! you can now have fresh hot or cold water with added nutrients. With 60,000 customers wide we are proud to have helped so many Australia families have a healthier lifestyle! unfortunately, businesses have recently Imported fake awesome water products such as filters. They have also illegally used the awesome water name despite our trademark.

Even if you cannot buy from our company please do not purchase faulty goods from fake awesome water brands. There are massive health risks in using faulty products. Awesome water loves our brand and the healthy lifestyle we have created however we can not be held liable if you purchase from any fake awesome water company.

Please use

For any more information or to check if you have the right filter and have not been scammed, please call

 1800 886 819

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