Awesome Water® Contact Free Range!


Awesome Water Contact Free Coolers

Awesome Water is proud to announce the introduction of its  contact-free water cooler range with this advancement in technology you will never need to worry about the transmission of disease by a touch of your water cooler ideal for business or home we will have the complete range including plumbed units and bottled units 



for further information don't hesitate to contact awesome water on 1800 886 819
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 we have a new range of  contact-free taps suitable for any kitchen for office lunchroom or reception

Touch Free Sensor Tap - Awesome WaterTouch Free Sensor Tap - Awesome WaterTouch Free Sensor Tap - Awesome Water

Contact Free



The safer solution is here... Touch-Free Bottled Water Cooler has the latest Our technology in hygienically dispensing chilled water. It's the hydration experience we've all been waiting for!

SENSOR: Simply wave your hand above the sensor to change temperature (hot, cold, or ambient), then hold your hand over the sensor to dispense the required amount of water.

contact free tap

 we also boast a range of replacement taps for standard water coolers enable in them to be contact-free this will allow the customer to be able to push a cup back on the lever without having to touch the water cooler this process is ideal for Cold and room temperature water coolers

if you're unsure please don't hesitate to reach out to us on 0406 804 809 or contest via email

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