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Mop, Bottle and Cleaning Bundle GIVE AWAY - Awesome Water

Mop, Bottle and Cleaning Bundle GIVE AWAY

Regular price $340.00

With any bottled water cooler purchase, add this bundle to your order and add discount code "awesome20" in checkout to receive $340 worth of FREE GIFTS! These include:

1 x Awesome Water Aussie Mop valued at $150

1 x Awesome Water Bottle valued at $99

1 x Cooler Lovers Spray and Rinse Sanitiser valued at $95


Click this link to be taken to your free cleaning bundle

Claim your $340 worth of free gifts in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:     On our website, scroll through our water coolers and add your desired cooler to your shopping cart.

Step 2:     Click the link in the description to be taken to our Cleaning Bundle page and add to cart.

Step 3:     Enter the promo code "awesome20" at the checkout and complete your purchase! Simple!