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BIBO filtration system

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The BIBO water bar is a stylish, high tech benchtop water dispenser that filters and purifies tap water, providing pristine chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button.


With a BIBO you can say BYE BYE to noisy kettles, expensive bottled water, water coolers and water filter jugs.

BIBO Water Bar is a kitchen MUST HAVE for busy mums


The energy efficient BIBO uses the latest technology in multistage carbon filtration to remove tastes, odours, heavy metals, chlorine, microorganisms, and other nasties from tap water leaving the good minerals behind. Its unique ultraviolet lamp system ensures your drinking water stays pure and fresh all the way to your glass, mug, or sports bottle. You can have peace of mind your water is crystal clear and healthy – hot and cold drinks taste so much better. 


Operating the BIBO water bar is simple with its user-friendly touch control panel and display screen.



hot and cold water dispenser with style

Available in 10 designer colours to perfectly complement your home and office, the BIBO water bar doesn’t just taste great it looks great too.

With its sophisticated design, the BIBO water bar is a compact benchtop appliance that looks great in any home or office.

Take your pick of classic silver, black, and white or a put a splash of colour in your life – whatever you choose BIBO will fit your decor.

At just 30cm (W) x 35cm (D) x 33cm (H), BIBO fits easily under overhead cupboards and takes up little more space than the kettle which it replaces.

BIBO water bar is the perfect addition for those interested in good hydration and pursuing an active and healthy life.


high-quality water filtration and purification

BIBO use the latest water filtration and purification technology eliminating potentially harmful contaminants leaving clean, safe, great tasting water.

BIBO uses a multi-stage 1.0 Micron Carbon Filter to remove tastes, odours, chlorine, heavy metals and microbial cysts leaving only natural dissolved minerals behind.

The Ultraviolet Lamp purification system eliminates potentially harmful bacteria and viruses ensuring your water is safe and healthy at all times.

To keep your water at the optimum quality we recommend regular replacement of your carbon filter and UV lamp. It’s simple with our annual replacement filter pack.

You can be assured your BIBO meets the highest standards including Watermark (WM-22340) and C-Tick certification for plumbing and electrical safety.