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We have some bad news... This is what lives in your Tap Water


Though chlorine is a fantastic disinfectant, the byproducts of chlorination, chlorinated hydrocarbons, puts you at risk for a number of different cancers and other document health risks

Emerging Pollutants

Emerging pollutants are any toxins or chemicals that remain in the water supply.

Heavy Metals

The list of problems developed by heavy metals in your systems is almost too long to list, but includes things like autoimmune diseases, developmental problems, cancer, organ damage, and more. Children are particularly susceptible to disease formation from heavy metals in their system.


Most people don’t realize, it is fairly well documented that the ingestion of fluoride does not benefit the human body. No, it doesn’t help your teeth to drink fluoridated water. It doesn’t benefit our bodies in any way. There are also many studies that question whether there is any reason to put fluoride treatments on children’s teeth and use fluoridated toothpaste.

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Tap water becomes ‘awesome’ by passing through several stages of filtration and remineralisation. Making your tap water alkaline. It is important to filter tap water of toxic heavy metals and contaminants to prevent any serious effects on our health. 

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