Bottled Water Cooler


Awesome Water® Coolers are equipped with Awesome Water® - Elite - 20L Bottle Combo/Conversion Kits and Awesome Water® - Elite Premium Filters that filter out all the toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals from your tap water and add back the necessary trace minerals that give it the natural drinking water goodness. Awesome Water® Coolers & Filters can be your easy access to hot, cold and ambient drinking water every day. Filtered water for home and office with Awesome Water® Coolers.

Awesome Water® Coolers have been practically designed for maximum functionality, great quality, and modern design. Awesome Water® Coolers come in two main varieties, including the floor standing Awesome Water® Cooler and the benchtop Awesome Water® Cooler.

The benchtop Awesome Water® Coolers are good for placing on your kitchen or office pantry platform, whereas the floor standing Awesome Water® coolers can be placed free-standing in any convenient space.