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This is a quick update to let you know about awesome waters new content! we are posting a video every Tuesday, a blog post-Fridays and some great deals sprinkled throughout the week. if you have any suggestions of things you would like to see, be that,  blogs about awesome water filters, carbon, dirty water, or just the health of everyday Australians. let us know!

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Lithium in tap water could lower dementia risk

People living in areas with high levels of lithium in tap water are 17 per cent less likely to get dementia, according to a large study that suggests the naturally occurring metal could help to prevent mental decline. The findings raise the possibility that lithium could one day be added to drinking water to protect the brain in the same way as fluoride is added to protect teeth. Lithium is already widely available as a psychiatric drug and experts said the findings suggested that it could be used as a treatment to prevent dementia if further trials proved successful. Lithium is known to affect neurological signalling and has long been used as a treatment for conditions such as bipolar disorder....

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